The  7th Foro de Emisoras ( 7th Mexican Stock Exchange Summit ), hosted by the BMV Group (Bolsa Mexicana de Valores), will be held from June 1st to June 7th In this event, celebrated in Cancun, the top executives of the most prominent companies in the Mexican Stock Exchange will come together for 3 days to debate the challenges that the market poses for the near future, in all possible fields of work.

Due to its relevance nowadays, one of the topics to cover is sustainability and corporate governance as it is becoming more and more significant each year (now already being one of the main challenges to face by companies). This year, our partner, VALORA CONSULTORES, will participate by sponsoring this event and sharing their knowledge with other professionals through their CEO, Senén Ferreiro. Senén will be part of one of the workshops of the event, where he will talk about what enterprises require to manage and transmit non-financial company information as well as current regulatory tendencies and how they affect Mexican enterprises.

The imminent entry into force of the European directive which regulates the transmission of non-financial information by companies with more than 500 employees will directly affect all of these enterprises as most collaborate with European corporations one way or another, be it through a European branch of the company or through suppliers or customers in the European Union. This is just one example of the topics that the CEO of VALORA CONSULTORES will address in the workshop.

SicaSoft Solutions will be indirectly involved in this event through its partner VALORA CONSULTORES, showing attendees its sustainability and non-financial information management solutions, which will be indispensable for each and every single company when successfully facing the challenges created by this market matter.